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Constitutional Government

The Constitution is designed to prevent tyranny, the amalgamation of excess power into any one body. Yet time & time again it has been violated, and for what?

  • A President who has arbitrarily granted himself the power to dismiss any debt, eerily similar to Caesar in the last years of the Roman Republic.
  • National security agencies which violate Constitutional rights to privacy. How much safer have we been since such practice began?
  • A national Department of Education, created in the 1970's. Has education drastically improved since then? In the Federalist Papers James Madison dreaded the idea that the national government involve itself in education. It was always intended to be a state issue, where each state could pursue education as each saw fit.

Every time we overstep the safeguards of our Republic, we must stop and deliberate if such trade-off is worth it. The cost always comes through taxes & through reduced personal choice.

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