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It is important to recognize that criminals are indeed people. There are redeemable. It would be best if they were rehabilitated, and returned as healthy & productive members of society, reformed and free to live their lives in peace. However, the first step in such reformation is taking these people off the streets, where they are no longer a harm to others nor themselves. If there is an issue with treatment in prisons, then prison reformation can be looked into. If there is a problem with reincarnation rates, then such a problem can be discussed as well. However, permitting robbers to run freely in neighborhoods, or a homeless hopelessly addicted drug addict to live in squalor on the streets, benefits no one.

Part of the reason businesses are fleeing California, and prices are so high, is the crime spree, specifically in urban areas. Not much can be done in a federal level in this regard though, as much of the problem is local law enforcement not being permitted to enforce the law. Why would anyone wish to open up a business in a place where its likely to be broken into?

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