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Trans Gender / Mental Health

The people of this country have been indoctrinated on this subject. Eric objects to federal funds being used for "gender affirming care." Minors shouldn't be allowed to mutilate their own genitalia, though adults should be free to do with their own money.

Children going through puberty are at the most body conscious time of their lives. Is it any wonder why transgenderism is so popular among the youth? It purports to have an answer to this transitory period from childhood to adulthood. Look at what's happening. One side suggests you're beautiful the way you are. The other tells kids to change their name, wardrobe, voice, go on chemicals, chemically castrate themselves, cut off their breasts, and eventually physically castrate themselves. Anxiety, depression, and suicide rates skyrocket the further one proceeds down "gender affirming care." It's sickening. And it's done for profit and so people can pat themselves on the back, as if defending a vitriolic view of oneself is worth a congratulatory applause. Vanderbilt Medical Center was caught openly telling its employees to ignore the Hippocratic Oath, as phalloplasty was a profitable operation. 


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