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Israel, Palestine, and Biden's Foreign Policy

Iran is a Islamic theocratic republic. The Biden Administration, despite all its claims to be defending democracy, has become more cordial with Iran. The Biden Administration lifted sanctions upon Iran, and agreed upon a prisoner swap: five hostages for $6-billion. The week of this decision President Trump stated this money would only be used for violence. A couple months later Hamas attacked American ally Israel in an act of indiscriminate slaughter. Hezbollah has skirmished with Israeli forces in the North. Both these political parties & armies seek the destruction of Israel and are funded by Iran.

The consequences of the Biden Administrations curious policies are seen in the rubble and dead amongst Israel and the Gaza strip. The tragedy won't end there. At best, the current war will displace hundreds of thousands. Neighboring Arabic countries have declined to take in refugees. The likely destination for these emigrants will be Europe, as it was in 2015. The destabilization and culturally collapse of Europe will only accelerate. At worst, this war will expand beyond Israel and Gaza. The loss will be unimaginable.

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