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  • Back on June 6th of this year as people protested on both sides of the transgender issue in the state lets pause to remember 79 years ago on that day as our young men stormed the beaches of Normandy and Utah to fight for freedom. Some gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could stand here FREELY to voice our opinions. (Freedom) That is the word which America is built upon. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to master your own life.

    Today we must ask ourselves, do we fight for the same country as those brave men on D-DAY did nearly 8-decades ago? Many are discontent with the condition of California, especially us Californians. We have the highest taxes in the country. We have some of the highest housing prices in the world. We have the 2nd highest rate of homelessness, with over 25% of America's total homeless population lies within California. Our streets are increasingly less safe, mugged by both increasing crime rates and illegal drugs. To solve these problems, we have afforded politicians in Sacramento more & more control over our lives. We gave them more & more of our money. We let them tell us what we can and can't drive. We let them tell us who could stay open in lockdowns, and who couldn't. We didn't recall our Governor when he was caught violating laws everyone else had to follow.
  • On a national level we send representatives from the Democratic Party to Washington DC. These representatives proceeded to cause the worst inflation we've seen in 40-years. They printed money and handed it to those they favored, hoping us commoners were none the wiser. They have sent billions and billions of dollars to continue a war halfway around the world, a war with no end in sight. They created a Ministry of Truth named the Disinformation Governance Board, threatening to impede upon the very foundations of all civil society: speech. They have weaponized the F.B.I as a tool to be used against their political opponents, eerily similar to authoritarian regimes around the world.
  • At this point we must ask, have our problems been improving or worsening?

    We are at an impasse. Do we continue to forfeit more & more of our lives to a government which grows more & more out-of-touch, corrupt, and outwardly authoritarian by the day, or do we stop and think for a moment? Is the problem that we have given too little to Washington DC, or too much?

    Liberty is a thing we proclaim to adore, but it's central position in the value of civilization is relatively brief. It was not obtained by relinquishing more & more control over our lives to the government. Much the opposite. It was made possible by hard-working men & women who recognized that there was no easy ticket in life. It is good men & women which make a free society a reality. Ultimately, we must accept that if we are free, we must be responsible for our lives. To our families. To our communities. To our country.  There is no substitute for diligence. There is no replacement for the family. There is nothing the government can offer you that can supplant liberty.

    And yet, here we are. Sacrificing it. And what for? Prosperity? Housing? Happiness? Here in LA COUNTY, a worker on a common income of $50,000 will see his earnings taxed as high as 8% on a state level, 21% on a federal level, while paying at least a 9.5% sales tax, all while the government steals more & more of his money through the invisible tax that is inflation. Why do we vote for this? We've made the naive assumption less freedom was better. What we see now is the price.

    I can't offer you any large-scale programs which will suddenly transform life into a utopia. That promise has been made and never fulfilled, nearly as much as the Biden administration has printed dollars. What I can offer you is more control of your life. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Such things are not forged by people thousands of miles away in a Capitol. They're crafted in the home and in communities. The answer to our problems is something we already know. The question is will we work for it? Will we accept that a free society is a trade-off, one which doesn't accept hollow promises and easy answers, but does accept that a free society only functions when people fight for it. That is the world the brave men storming Normandy & Utah Beach fought for 79-years ago.
       As President Reagan once said the nine most terrifying words in the English language are "I’m from the government and I’m here to help."


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